Wednesday, March 17, 2010

mp3: Run DMT "Spruce Bringsteen"

"Take You Under"
Sock hop dodgery and mystical instrospection running wild like a pair of harmone huffing teens heavy petting in the back seat of a rusty MG is sort of what Run DMT's new "Spruce Bringsteen" reminds me of. It's all greaser, head-bobbing with your lady friend in saddle shoes, but beneath it all there's a deep desire to look inward while moving outward, exploring the depths of binges and gorges alike, while moving at the speed of a locomotive, or crawling on the floor. Easily one of the most infectious tunes of the year. (And one of my favorites.) ("Round and Round" included.)


Judson said...


Hope I can catch the set at total bummer!!!!

Geri said...

How do I get to listen to the music?

Unknown said...

I want this music...someone tell me where I can get this shit. Does any one know?

Unknown said...

This song + others will be available on vinyl very soon!

Stay tuned!!!

Joel said...

Very ace!! Thanks for this.

Joel said...

Very ace!!! Thanx so much