Tuesday, March 24, 2009

new: Sparrow House

"I Will Dance In Your Embrace"
In the late 2006, Jared Van Fleet released the wondrous Falls, the first in a collection of seasonal EPs under the Sparrow House moniker. By the end of 2007, there had been no word on a follow-up, strange considering it was to be a seasonal project, with releases scheduled every few months. 2008 passed and still no word from Sparrow House. Now well into 2009, it seems that Van Fleet has emerged from hibernation and is ready to release Sparrow House back out into the wild. Sparrow House's MySpace provides more details:
"i spent 2007 traveling and falling in love. i took 2008 off.

but i'm back now, making music again and feeling good about it, and i hope that other people are feeling good too, wherever they are, and i hope some of you will enjoy my new recordings.

awhile back, i released an ep called falls. it's the first part of a four-part series i'm doing called THE TILT OF THE EARTH. the other parts are television snow, branches, and aquarium sun."
It has also come to my attention, via Twitter, that Van Fleet has officially quit his day job as a member of Voxtrot (
"played my last show with voxtrot, in the same room where we had our first performances"). Fortunately, Van Fleet followed that tweet with this one, "now i really can't wait to release new music...". Sometime during his break from recording, Van Fleet recorded this remix/cover of a Sebastian Schuller song "Weeping Willow". The fleshed out arrangment, features Sidi Ali on mandolin and Benjamin Hofer Lanz on trombone. Oh, and you may remember Falls standout "When I Am Gone", which perfectly encapsulates the feeling of fleeting love better than any song in recent memory.

Sparrow House- Weeping Willow (Sebastien Schuller cover)
Sparrow House- When I Am Gone

#60.7 - Soiree a emporter - Sparrow House

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you never cease to amaze me with your taste in music, mcgregor. you're pretty much my new favorite blogger.