Monday, March 9, 2009

bootleg: Tom Waits 4.19.1974

"Twilight Coup DeVilles"

A poetic vision of the dusty backstreets and alleys of the American landscape, no one conjures such bourbon soaked images as marblemouthed railroad preacher Tom Waits. His prowess and power have never been questioned, and certainly shine on this bootleg of his first ever performance at the San Diego's Folk Festival in 1974. The city's native son, Waits delivers hobo hymns like a sad, dog howling at the moon, shining on "Shiver Me Timbers", a shanty tune probably sung by men Shanhai'd in the San Francisco port bars. However, Waits may be most poignant most on "The Ghosts of Saturday Night", his piano-spoken word portrait of National City, California from 4am til dawn, in which he oh-so-eloquently describes every diner waitress in the history of diner waitresses as having "Maxwell house eyes, and marmalade thighs and scrambled yellow hair."

Tom Waits 4.19.1974 San Diego Folk Festival
1. Better Off Without A Wife
2. The Heart of Saturday Night
3. On A Foggy Night
4. Shiver Me Timbers
5. Fumblin' With the Blues
6. Semi Suite
7. San Diego Serenade
8. Glad That You're Mine
9. Ice Cream Man
10. Depot Depot
11. The Ghosts of Saturday Night

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