Wednesday, March 11, 2009

bobkast #24: Everything's New

"I Wanna Do Some Laughing Too"
(photo by I, Timmy)
If one were to awake from a sylvan daydream ala Rip Van Winkle, one would be able to hear and feel the world bursting with raw energy ("These Blues"). Moving through the forest, wide-eyed and romantic in the new world ("Bluish"), one begins to philosophize ("Fake Blues") and discovers he/she is all alone in the universe ("Baby, Don't Go", "Terrapin"). Self-examination kicks in ("It's Up to You"). And, ultimately, realization ("Moments in the Snow").

Awash in an existential whirlwind ("Whiteout"), one concludes that life is both sad and beautiful, yet doesn't care because it's much more fun to laugh and dance and sing ("Hellhole Ratrace"). Mental joy gives way to meditation and new-age soul searching ("The Good Humor Man He Sees Everything", "Karmic Dream Sequence #1"). Things are getting heavy, maaan ("Keep It Heavy"). But heavy is overwhelming. Good vibes much preferred ("Khala My Friend"). Alas, everything is new ("Everything's Big").

Bobkast #24: Everything's New
1. Spiritualized- These Blues (demo)
2. Animal Collective- Bluish
3. Real Estate- Fake Blues
4. dum dum girls- Baby Don't Go
5. Syd Barrett- Terrapin (Peel Session)
6. Shop Assistants- It's Up To You
7. Comet Gain- Moments in the Snow
8. Lotus Plaza- Whiteout
9. Girls- Hellhole Ratrace
10. Love- The Good Humor Man He Sees Everything
11. The Millennium- Karmic Dream Sequence #1
12. Creme Soda- Keep It Heavy
13. Amanaz- Khala My Friend
14. Here We Go Magic- Everything's Big

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