Thursday, March 5, 2009

cover: Comet Gain do The Clean

"He's a Rabbi and He's a Guru and He's a Beatnik"
Comet Gain turn up the fuzz box on this classic cover of The Clean's pogo foot stomper "Beatnik." Infectious, snarky and in yr face, "Beatnik" is prototypical art-punk, bridging the gap between the rebels, the absurdists and the kids who can barely play instruments but don't care because they just want to have fun in their basement. A few chords, some two-finger keyboard playing and an alienated college kid attitude are all you need to cover "Beatnik", which would be right at home on a karaoke machine at the Market Hotel. In fact, maybe it should be some sort of indicator as to whether or not your loft pop band is allowed to exist, based on your cover of "Beatnik." Just throwing it out there. Comet Gain will make an increasingly rare appearence in the states this spring and will play Music Hall of Williamsburg on April 12th, Easter Sunday.

Comet Gain- Beatnik
The Clean- Beatnik

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