Friday, March 27, 2009

mp3: Crystal Stilts "Love Is A Wave"

"Feel Prostituted"

A few weeks ago Slumberland announced that BK nightcrawlers Crystal Stilts would release the Love Is A Wave 7" on March 31st. The track, which clocks in at 1:59, is probably the brightest, most upbeat Stilts song, which isn't saying much considering their penchant for darkness. However, while brief, the song shows exceptional growth for the band, maybe because they're finally recording with Frankie on kit, who really knocks this one out of the park. While I really, and I mean really, fucking love the studio version (probably my favorite Stilts track), I can't seem to get over the live version that NYC Taper recorded on December 7th when the band opened for Love Is All at the Bowery. The song, which closed their set, is a little more chaotic, raucous and the guitar is really frantic, in that "holy shit I just witnessed a murder and must run as fast as I can before the killer realizes I saw him" kinda way. Simply put, it's ferocious. Compare and contrast below.

Purchase the Crystal Stilts Love Is A Wave 7" here.

Crystal Stilts- Love Is A Wave (7" version)
Crystal Stilts- Love Is A Wave (Live version courtesy of NYC Taper)

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