Sunday, March 29, 2009

mp3: The Replacements "Unsatisfied"

"Look Me In The Eye"
Any jukebox worthy of placement in a bar should have The Replacement's Let It Be available for spinning 24/7. This past weekend I found myself in a few such establishments, and probably played 9 different songs from Let It Be over the course of three days and two nights. While it felt great to send up a toast to the sons of Minneapolis, I was still, no pun intended, slightly unsatisfied. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing better than throwing a few back while listening to the 'Mats, but when you want to hear the disheveled acts live version of "Unsatisifed" and have to settle for the studio, it's sort of a bummer, albeit a glorious bummer. Regardless, there is not a better band to enjoy a beer with than The Replacements. In honor, I'd like to start a movement to get the classic 'Mats bootleg Shit, Shower & Shave proper placement next to Let It Be in dive bar jukeboxes across the country. Who's with me?

The Replacements- Unsatisifed (from Shit, Shower & Shave)

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