Tuesday, February 3, 2009

cover: Dent May does Prince

"I'm Over Being Sober"

Dent May, aka Mississippi's most talented ukulele player, takes on "When You Were Mine" from the Purple One's third record Dirty Mind. Handclaps, uke, some squeeze box, a pleasant Casio synth riff and some sweet vocal harmonization make this an irresistible companion to The Good Feeling Music of Dent May & His Magnificent Ukulele, which, coincidentally, came out today on Paw Tracks. Snag Dent's Prince cover below.

(Also, if you find yourself at the record store, or on Insound, you should probably pick up the Pains of Being Pure at Heart's debut, which also came out today, on Slumberland.)

Dent May- When You Were Mine (Prince cover)


Will said...

How long before P4K steals this article?? Based on the Pecknold article I give it 8 hours

Anonymous said...

"... from the Purple One's classic debut Dirty Mind"

Dirty Mind was released when Prince was a mere 22 years old, but believe it or not it is actually his THIRD album.

Prince's debut For You was released in 1978, two months shy of his 20th birthday.

on some level, Dirty Mind could be considered a 'debut' since it was such a radical departure in both sound and image from his previous work.

regardless, Prince is an incredible musician and Dent May's version is a unique take on a classic song.

McG said...

Ahhh. For some reason I was always under the impression that this was his first record. Probably based on the classic story of Prince turning in some demo's and Warner's saying "well shit, we might as well just release these demo's since they're so hot." Thx for the correction notice, will change asap.