Thursday, February 19, 2009

mp3: Damon + Naomi "Information Age"

"Our Lives Will Never Be The Same"

Computers crashing, all around us business fails, the times are hard, or so they say
"Information Age", one of my favorite tracks from Damon & Naomi's More Sad Hits, could have been written last week, as thousands of Americans (specifically New Yorkers) scrapped by to pay rent, patiently/anxiously awaiting the passage of President Obama's Stimulus plan. Of course, the song was written nearly 17 years ago, as the country teetered on the edge of the digital era and war waged in the Middle East. While the song has certainly provided solace for those seeking clarity in uncertain times, it's affect may not have been felt greater than in Louisiana in the early 90's when Neutral Milk Hotel's Jeff Magnum was writing On Avery Island. Legend has it that the song "Naomi" on Neutral Milk Hotel's debut "was written after listening to the first [Damon & Naomi] album on repeat for a week while trapped in Louisiana feeling sad." You really can't make this stuff up.

Damon and Naomi- Information Age

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