Monday, February 2, 2009

new: The Sundelles

"I Wanna Sleep All Day"

(photo by alexadan)
We saw the Sundelles rock a shabby set of lo-fi three chord doo-wop at Dead Herring Friday night and were pretty impressed by their knack for head bobbing, hip shaking melodies, vocal rave ups and their relentless use of the fuzz box. Simple and straight forward, their brand of loft pop will sound familiar to fans The Muslims (now the Soft Pack) and the Vivian Girls, as well as older heads jonesing for some new Nuggets and Pebbles for the 21st century. RCRD LBL has a few tracks for download, so expect to hear more about the Sundelles in the near future. There is certainly a place for them in the DIY cassette/7" scene.

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