Friday, February 6, 2009

demo: Alex Maas "I'd Rather Be Lonely"

"Love Comes Tumbling Down On Me"

Quite the departure from his day job fronting psychedelic janglers The Black Angels, "I'd Rather Be Lonely", a demo recording by Alex Maas, is a not cover of the Eddie Spencer's Canadian soul classic "If This Is Love (I'd Rather Be Lonely)." However, the rough gem certainly borrows from Spencer's timeless chorus. Upon my first few spins I likened it to Arthur Russell's folkier side, specifically "Eli" and "Close My Eyes", both of which were compiled on last years Love Is Overtaking Me. The demo I have is labeled as part of the "Honeysuckle Folk" genre, which I've never heard of, though it would be an apt description of Mr. Maas's minimalist retro leanings. It's sunny and gothic all at once, as if the repetitive strum of an effected electric guitar and Maas's high lonesome vocal creates a vacuum in the sky which swirls all parts joy and sorrow into a harmonious cumulonimbus cloud. A rough Angels jam or a budding solo project, whatever it is, I'm intrigued and will certainly be keeping my eyes out for more.

Alex Maas- I'd Rather Be Lonely

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I would listen to Alex sing the phone book.