Friday, February 8, 2008

coming to town: The Acorn

"Was It Just A Bad Antenna?"

2007 was a year of musical overload. When it came time to compile my year end, best of- list I finally understood why my old college computer took to that life-fucking blue screen. Too much use, too much abuse. There were way too many records to keep up with, and I knew I hadn't spent enough time with some (Bodies of Water, Marissa Nadler, Bowerbirds) but The Acorn's Glory Hope Mountain was a record I couldn't stop thinking about. A few tracks spread around the blogosphere ("Crooked Legs", "Flood Pt.1", "Low Gravity") in the late summer and immediately became drive-thru liquor store staples.

Everything seemed to line up, except without OINK it was quite tough to find Glory Hope Mountain. Fortunately, the guys at Paper Bag Records make it worth the import price, as they sell a limited edition of 300 copies of The Acorn's masterful creative non-fiction fairy tale Glory Hope Mountain on vinyl for $20 (Buy HERE). Not only is the album art silk screened, but each side of each record has the songs etched in wax and side 4 has an absurd etching of a butterfly instead of proper songs. We're not really sure what they're drinking in Canada, but we really wish they'd import Molson export.

If you're in a mood to listen to something that sounds like an ancient postcard from Pan's Labrynth, then be sure to check out Glory Hope Mountain. Also, the band will be in the NYC area at the end of the month, playing consecutive shows at three of our favorite clubs; Union Hall in Brooklyn, Mercury Lounge on Houston, and Maxwell's in Hoboken. Even better, the Union Hall and Mercury Lounge shows they will be opening for Phosphorescent and the Bowerbirds, basically making this the best bill of 2008 (so far). We'll be there, you should be too.

The Acorn- Antenna
The Acorn- Flood Pt.1

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