Saturday, February 16, 2008

absurd: Paper Planes

"Being Poor's A Disease/ Gotta Hustle Up A Cure"

Those B-more, ghetto tech loving Swede's over at Discobelle flashed us with the streaming Paper Planes Homeland Security Remixes EP the other day and we're happy to confirm that the DFA remix is totally on point. While we still can't get enough of Diplo's Street mix featuring Bun B and Rich Boy, which made the original obsolete, so much so that I took it off Kala on my iPod and replaced it with the Street version, this DFA cut takes "Paper Planes" in an entirely different direction. Kinda like getting lost on the way to Studio B and stumbling into a warehouse full of homemade synths and drag queens on stilts. Presented below is a GChat conversation between two Bobka editors upon listening to Murphy and Goldsworthy's sex'd up disco nectar. Can you smell the funk?
greg: dude sooooo sick, the dfa mix
mcg: havent heard yet
g: oh man, crushing it
m: really?
g: yah dude, first listen i love it
m: peeping now
g:amazing bassline
m: wow funk, oh shit
g: ya dude
m: oh my god
g: dirrrrrrrty
m: wow, i just wanna fuck
g: fo real
m: i wanna fuck this remix
g: valentines day shazam
m: holler

Aural Viagra if we've ever heard it, ya dig.

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