Wednesday, February 6, 2008

nu musick: DJ Dolores

"World Music" for a Globalized World

Using the traditional sounds of his native Brazilian Northeast as a starting point, DJ Dolores makes World Music for the 21st Century: music that proudly shows its local roots, but is recontextualized through modern production techniques and by adding elements of diverse genres.

Brazil's most well-known musical exports, Samba and bossa-nova, undoubtedly shape a lot of the rhythms on DJ Dolores' third and latest offering, 1 Real, but the beats on the album also evoke the tribal percussion of Fela Kuti, the downtempo dub of Thievery Corporation, and the head bangin' snare of Chad Smith.

Inventive instrumentation (violins, melodicas), voice-over sampling, and tight computer-programming jack up the music to the point where one might expect it to feel too crowded, but DJ Dolores is able to effectively weave together all of these disparate influences to create a sound that simply works. The music is original but still feels recognizable, in large part due to its user-friendly nature.

Look for 1 Real in stores March 25 courtesy of Crammed Discs. Until then, stream two tracks below.

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