Wednesday, December 5, 2007

McG's Best of 2007

"And the Beat Goes On..."

2007. Hmmm, what can I say? Well it was a damn good year for new music and it all started in 2006 with early leaks from The Shins, Of Montreal and LCD Soundsystem, albums which still resonate a year later, which says a lot given our fickle ADD blog-fueled music scene. 2007 will surely be remembered as the year indie went mainstream, with Neon Bible and Wincing the Night Away debuting at #2 on the Billboard charts and Modest Mouse's We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank popping in at #1, something I never would have dreamed of listening to "Wild Pack of Family Dogs" in high school. Which goes to show people aren't stupid, when they hear something good they immediately gravitate towards it (ie. Feist).

The year was dominated by French electro (Daft Punk, Justice, Ed Banger Records), Swedish Indie Pop (Jens Lekman, Shout Out Louds, Taken By Trees), the Italo-Disco revival (Glass Candy, The Chromatics, Italians Do It Better Records and Sally Shapiro) and, once again, Brian Wilson's LSD influenced hypnotics and harmonies (Panda Bear, Miracle Fortress).

The blog world blew up the Black Kids, helped Columbia grad's Vampire Weekend score a deal with XL on the strength of a Blue CD-R (and one of the most beautiful 7" singles I've ever seen). Not to mention The Explorers Club getting picked up by Secretly Canadian/JagJaguwar cousin Dead Oceans and Grand Archives, project of former Band of Horses member Mat Brooke, inking with Sub Pop. On those signings alone 2008 is shaping up to be just as action packed as '07, giving us no time to sleep. With that said here are my lists, I hope you enjoy and have a kick ass rest of 2007. Check back tomorrow when I'll have a stocking stuff (aka .zip file) of all the years best songs to keep you sane for the rest of the year.

Artist of the Year
James Murphy/LCD Soundsystem- Not only did President Murphy hit us with the colossal Sound of Silver but 2007 also saw the proper release of his Nike/iTunes collabo, the heart pounding 45:33, which gave birth to one of the best songs of 2007, "Someone Great." ("I'm wishing we could talk about it..."). Murph could've rested on his laurels and just toured with the Arcade Fire and !!!, but no he kept releasing compelling material under the LCD moniker, including the All My Friends EP with covers by Franz Ferdinand and John Cale as well as A Bundle of Stuff EP which features remixes by Soulwax and Carl Craig, among others... And then he & LCD drummer Pat Mahoney went and put together the funkiest, finger pointing collection of head hunting disco I've ever heard. As best said through Chic "I feel your love coming on, like the calm before the storm, your love is out to get me."

Favorite Albums of 2007 (in no order)

Glass Candy- B/E/A/T/B/O/X
Vampire Weekend- Blue CD-R

Favorite Mix (Non Fabric/DJ-Kicks/Radio 1 Essential Mix)
Bullion- Pet Sounds: In the Key of D

Best Podcast
Mad Decent- Can't Forget Dilla

DJ/Producer/Remixer of the Year
XXXchange (of Spank Rock)- Bjork- Earth Intruders remix; Thom Yorke- The Eraser remix; Kid Sister- Control; Kid Sister- Let Me Bang; Spank Rock Fabric.Live 36

Best Demo (three way tie)
Grand Archives
Black Kids
The Explorers Club

Best Concert
Arcade Fire/LCD Soundsystem @ Red Rocks

Best DJ Set
James Murphy @ Hiro Ballroom, CMJ week

Bands I Wish I Had More Time to Absorb
The Acorn


Will said...

dude get over Lenkman,.... HES A FUCKIN HACK

McG said...

your right, should've replaced him with daughtry or state radio

Anonymous said...

saw explorers club at 52.5 records the other day. they kicked ass, then closed with about 10 minutes of Johnny B. Good.

while I can't speak for daughtry or state radio, my years best would almost certainly include handsome furs or kevin drew, though my 1-2 for the paper did go LCD, Panda Bear

Will said...

I was thining Hall and Oates xmas album