Thursday, December 13, 2007

Bullion- Pet Sounds: In The Key of Dee

"I Remember How You Used To Say/ It's Fantastic"

To be perfectly honest I can't believe we haven't posted about this yet, but hey, we're busy doing other stuff like..uh.. Ok there is no "real" reason we haven't sung the praise of Bullion's sample magic, Pet Sounds: In The Key of Dee. As you can tell from the lovely photoshopped album art, this mix pits the effervescent harmonies and orchestrated acid pop of the Beach Boy's Pet Sounds against samples from the late, great J. Dilla's monstrous catalog (RIP). The mastermind behind the ingenious pairing is Acton, England's Bullion, who refuses to let people label ...In the Key of Dee as a mash up. You see, while Bullion has blended samples from Pet Sounds and the Dilla ouevre, he didn't borrow any of Dilla's drums. And the drums on this mix are a thing of beauty. They feel like drums; tight and smooth like ?uestlove and thick like B-More bangers. Making great use of the massive Pet Sounds box set, Bullion boils Brian Wilson's sonic masterpiece into 24:38 of head bobbing hip-hop, cooled out with the Beach Boy's trademark So-Cal surf style. Not just an incredible mix, but also a damn good reminder that no one should be without the Beach Boy's classic and a sampling of Dilla's greatest hits. Download a .zip file of Pet Sounds: In the Key of D down below. As a bonus there's also a link to a tight mix Bullion did for the british website Shhhh, Mixed Up In Love, which features everyone from A Tribe Called Quest to Arthur Russell to J. Davey and, of course, J. Dilla.

Bullion-Pet Sounds: In the Key of Dee
Bullion-Mixed Up In Love

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