Thursday, December 13, 2007

gifts: DFA Radio Mixes

"Does Acid Make Me Gay?"

It's no secret that we love the DFA. From the balls-to-the-wall production, to the hypnotic remixes, the DJ sets and all the wonderful artists they've introduced us to over the years (Rapture, Hot Chip, Still Going), it's safe to say that these guys know what's up.

So it should be no surprise that tomorrow night 2/3 of the Bobka crew will make the trip to middle of nowhere Brooklyn for the annual DFA holiday party at Studio B. The last time the DFA threw a party at Studio B was on Halloween. Unfortunately, we were still hurtin' from Dan Deacon's madness the night before. But when the DFA Radio Mix Series posted Tim & Tim's DJ set from Halloween, we vowed never to miss another DFA party. Fortunatly for us, the cats over at the DFA are very generous and they love sharing their lengthy, head spinnin' mixes. They do this by way of the DFA Radio Mix Series which has been consistently sharing mixes from the DFA crew since 2005. If you're ever feeling a bit sick of dancing to "Murder on the Dancefloor" in the mirror, then check out the link below and download some of the DFA goodness. We really like the Murphy sets from Winter 2005, but everything is money.

DFA Radio Mixes


Anonymous said...

I'll be there tonight... should be a hot one.

McG said...

most definitely