Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Bobkast #7: Winter's Night Drive

"I See The Sun Disappear"

Chocolate Bobka Presents...The Bobkast #7: Winter's Night Drive. A narcotic blend of insomniac drone, this mix was inspired by blunted late night drives down snow covered streets and is an attempt at blurring the lines between indie pop, sleek Italo disco, cavernous dubstep, luminary space rock, soulful hip hop and eerie folk. The glue is a psych aesthetic that permeates every track and covers this mix in a stoney haze.

Sleep driving is a habitual act insomniacs practice which transports the restless from the confines of sleeplessness into a calming world of nothingness. In the darkness of the open road one finds himself alone in desolate isolation, post-apocalyptic contemplation. "Is this the end? Am I the only one left? Shall I keep driving? Streetlights flicker and highlight the tar-colored streets, transforming the yellow lines from a mere divider into a bonafide path into the unknown. You follow the yellow lines.

The Bobkast #7: Winter's Night Drive
1. The Chromatics- Telephone Call
2. The Chromatics- Night Drive
3. Bat For Lashes- Whats a Girl to Do
4. Mazzy Star- Fade Into You
5. Bodies of Water- Everybody Hurts
6. The Archivist- Street Light Om
7. Kevin Drew- Big Love
8. Bullion- I Guess I Just Wasn't Made For These Times
9. Burial- Archangel
10. Panda Bear- Ponytail
11. Au Revoir Simone- The Winter Song
12. Beirut- My Night with the Prostitute in Marseilles
13. The Magnetic Fields- When The Open Road is Closing In
14. Joy Division- Love Will Tear us Apart Again (Permanent Mix)
15. Spacemen 3- Walking with Jesus
16. Club 8- Everything Goes
17. Micah P. Hinson & The Opera Circuit- Seems Almost Impossible

The Bobkast #7: Winter's Night Drive {direct link; right click to save}

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