Monday, October 29, 2007

nu musik: Róisín Murphy

sunglasses on loan from R.Kelly

Before I get too carried away with overseas music not in my native tongue, I thought I'd touch up on one of my favorite new albums: Róisín Murphy's Overpowered. Murphy, born in Ireland but raised in Manchester (where else?), began her career in the mid-90's as one half of the popular dance-pop duo Moloko. The group disbanded in 2002 and the quirky songstress went on to record her solo debut, Ruby Blue, with Bobk-approved British wunder-producer Matthew Herbert. Herbert's knack for jazzy arrangements and laid-back rhythms was a perfect match for Murphy.

On Overpowered, her sophomore release, the production is a bit more aggressive than Ruby Blue, with tantalizing electro-pop from start to finish. It's impossible to pick a favorite track, especially since mine changes literally everyday (I'm now glued to the spacey love-ballad, "Scarlet Ribbons"). Some of the many highlights include "Primitive," a sexy minimalist pop chant with background vocals rivaling R. Kelly's "The Zoo," "Know Me Better" whose chorus sounds like Arthur Russell meets La Bouche, "Footprints," "Body Language," "Movie Star" (think Goldfrapp meets St. Etienne), "Dear Miami," and the album's second single, "Let Me Know." I think I've just listed half the album. I think you get the point. If you're feeling extra saucy, check out the Overpowered EP which includes the excellent B-side? "Sweet Nothings."

Róisín Murphy's on a world tour now, at least she was until last night when she seriously injured her eye socket (concussion, blood loss) on a chair during a performance of "Primitive." She was rushed to a hospital in Russia (dear God) then sent back to England to recover. She's expected to be performing in a week.

BELOW: Róisín Murphy - Overpowered

Róisín Murphy - Footprints
Róisín Murphy - Body Language

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