Tuesday, October 30, 2007

bangers & mash: Mr. Oizo

"You're invited into my house"

Mr. Oizo has added the magic Ed Banger touch to yet another track, giving Calvin Harris' "Merrymaking At My Place" an extreme makeover worthy of Oprah. Thankfully Oizo doesn't go too overboard with the signature Ed Banger glitch on this remix, instead choosing to emphasize the funkiness of the bassline by adding some warm synths, a skitter-skatter hi hat pattern, and powerful 8bit snare. Apparently all of the kids in the UK are going bonkers over it. Check it out below, and buy it HERE.

And to be honest, the real reason I wrote about Oizo's remix is so I could have an acceptable segue into one of my favorite videos of all time: the Oizo-produced-and-directed "Flat Beat", featuring everyone's favorite headbanging (Ed Bangin'?) puppet, Flat Eric.

Mr. Oizo- Flat Beat (1999)

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