Thursday, October 4, 2007

legundary: Haymaker Festival

"Always Knew My Home Was In Paradise"

Back in 1999, a venue promoter derided the Disco Biscuits and their fanbase as nothing more than a "traveling ecstasy circus." Rising to prominence during the twilight of Phish, the Disco Biscuits play what they describe as trance-fusion: a progressive blend of rock, jam, and trance music; the perfect soundtrack to jumping up and down with the rest of your spun kidzz while schwillin' Sammy Smiths and trying to keep your LRG fitted tilted at a crisp 45 degree angle.

However you describe their sound (or their fans), the Biscuits are best known for their energetic live performances. And arguably the best live performance of their career took place five years ago at a small music festival that was held on a family farm in the backwoods of Spotsylvania, Virginia. The inaugural edition of the Haymaker Festival featured two nights of Biscuits performing on a secluded "nature stage" from 2am-6am.

The Disco Biscuits' music was the perfect soundtrack to the latenight festivities at Haymaker. Not only does the music have the "untz" necessary for any good dance party, but it also expertly uses the "tension and release" technique that Phish perfected to whip the crowd into a frenzy. The Biscuits' music is heavily layered; each band member will play a repetitive line or progression that intertwines with one another to create something much greater than the sum of the parts. Listen to some excerpts from the weekend below, and download both shows in all of their serotonin-soaked goodness here.

The Disco Biscuits- Ladies Jam > Voices Insane
The Disco Biscuits- Hot Air Balloon Jam
The Disco Biscuits- Helicopters Jam > The Very Moon


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