Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Bobkast #5: A Cosmic Sing-A-Long

"Move Your Funky Feet"

After a week of nonstop ass-shaking, headbanging and fist pumping, the collective limbs of thy Bobkats are indeed sore. Luckily we've been fed some space-age medicine and are able to keep the party going long after the party has died (at least we like to think so). This mix of space candy throws together some of our much loved CMJ week with a bunch of other goodies we've been listening to. Enjoy.

The Bobkast #5: We're All In A Cosmic Sing-A-Long
1. Cryptacize- Cosmic Sing-a-long
2. Miracle Fortress- Maybe Lately
3. The Octopus Project- I Saw The Bright Shinies
4. The Hood Internet- Bros before Whoas
5. Glass Candy- Rolling Down the Hills
6. Vijay Benedict- I Am A Disco Dancer
7. Junior Brown- Dance to the Music (dub) {song of the week}
8. A Mountain of One- Can't Be Serious
9. Fujiya & Miyagi- Collarbone
10. Thom Yorke- The Eraser (XXXchange remix)
11. Grizzly Bear v. The Knife- Knife/Heartbeats
12. Hot Chip- So Glad To See You

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