Monday, September 17, 2007

electro-hop: Eliot Lipp

"Jermaine Dupri meets Aphex Twin"

Where would Eliot Lipp be today without his trusted Korg MS-20? This vintage snyth (pictured above), along with his Sequential Circuits gear, has helped to define his signature sound, a heady mix of underground rap, classic electro, 70's fusion, drrty funk, and 90's techno, just to name a few.

Born and raised in Tacoma, Washington (and since a resident of Chicago, San Francisco, LA, and now Brooklyn), Lipp got his break in 2004 when Scott Herren (aka Prefuse 73) happened across his demo. Soon after, Lipp's self-titled debut hit the streets on Herren's own Eastern Developments label, earning much deserved critical acclaim. Since then, Lipp has released LPs on Hefty Records and Metatronix, while in the meantime creating a slew of EPs and mixtapes and touring relentlessly.

To get an idea of his original sound, check out the tracks posted below and then head over to his MySpace. Purchase Eliot Lipp albums here.

Eliot Lipp- Live from the Trilogy Lounge (recorded March 17, 2007)
Eliot Lipp- Flashlight (from the Steele Street Scraps EP)

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