Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Hip-Hop Review

"Baby girl, you and me / need to go to your teepee"

Timbaland - Hello (feat Keri Hilson & Attitude)
As Graduation and Curtis go head to head next Tuesday, Timbaland, for once, is flying under the radar. Timbo wil release a 2-CD Deluxe Edition of Shock Value. The second disc featrures three "Way I Are" remixes, a remix of "Give it To Me" (feat Jay-Z), and the addictive Mia track "Come Around". Disc one features the Bonus track "Hello" feat Keri Hilson & Attitude. Why this track was left off Shock Value, I do not know.

Talib Kweli - Country Cousins (feat UGK & Raheem DeVaughn)
If you enjoy listening to hip-hop while sipping lemonade outside, download this track.

Aesop Rock - The Harbor is Yours
For any fan of Definitive Jux, or eccentric lyricism, Aesop's newest release None Shall Pass is pure Aesop start to finish. On "The Harbor is Yours" Aesop drops his usual philosophical lyrics above a tight sounding space-jazz afro-beat.

Chamilionaire - Hip-Hop Police (feat Slick Rick)
Fun fact: Like Will Smith, Chamillionaire doesn't cuss on his tracks.
Unlike Will Smith, Chamillionaire raps, and on this track, raps hard. When I saw this track on Sirius a few weeks back, I tuned in for one reason: Slick Rick the Ruler. And the Ruler doesn't disapoint. Perhaps a Nate Dogg / Dr. Dre. rip-off, "Hip-Hop Police" is fresh, catchy, and, of course, features Slick Rick crushing it. If Eminem wants to stage a legitmate come-back, this would be a great remix to drop a sick verse. Perhaps that's just wishful thinking.

UGK - Next Up / Stop-n-Go / Candy / Quit Hatin' The South
Fresh out the slammer, UGK's Pimp C and Bun B have delivered hard. This album is too damn good to pick a favorite. Plus there's like 30 something tracks. If you haven't bought this album yet, stop reading. Go buy it.

Percee P - 2 Brothers From the Gutter (feat Diamond D)
As Stones Throw continues their marathon year, Percee P releases his first album, almost 20 years after his first single. "2 Brothers From the Gutter" features, above all, a Contra sample. Nuff said.

Kanye West - Can't Tell Me Nothing
If you were planning on purchasing Graduation for the sole purpose of ending 50 Cent's solo career, I'm afraid it's not gonna happen. 50 retracted his comments about retiring if he were outsold. That aside, you can purchase Graduation for the sole purpose that it is awesome.

Timbaland - Hello (feat Keri Hilson & Attitude)
Percee P - 2 Brothers From the Gutter (feat Diamond D)PROMO VERSION

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