Tuesday, September 11, 2007

done did it again: Jens Lekman

"You're a Drop of Blood in My Milk"

Well its been a few days since we've written anything about Jens Lekman, which means one of two things; either A) you're sick of hearing about freakin' Jens Lekman (and Sweden in general) or B) you simply can't get enough. While I can't speak for everyone, it's fairly obvious that I, Michael Peter McGregor, am a Jens-o-phile. It's true, I have to get my hands on everything this guy creates with his witty, meloncholic, romantic, er, hands. Anyway, this is the bonus digital release for Night Falls Over Kortedala and it plays as a farewell concert for one that Jens gave to his apartment as a farewell gift. The digital-only release kicks off with a cover of Paul Simon's Graceland classic 'Homeless' and meanders with Kortedala standouts "Friday Night at the Bingo Drive-In," "Shirin," "I'm Leaving You (Because I Don't Love You) and, my personal favorite, "A Postcard to Nina", which contains a play-by-play breakdown of the tunes drama (which is about a Germanic lesbian who asks Jens to pretend to be her boyfriend so her father won't realize she is gay. Listen as the comedy unfolds. OH NO!). In typical Jens fashion the song is a witty, refreshingly straight forward exploration of generational gaps, gender roles and awkward moments. Boy, that Jens Lekman, he's a charmer. Pre-order Kortedala here

Jens Lekman- Kalendervagen 113. D

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