Friday, September 7, 2007

mmm warm vinyl: Dr. Dog

"I Hope There's Love At The End of Your Day To Take You Away"

I will start by apologizing for not having written anything about Dr. Dog's phenomenal mystery tour masquerade We All Belong. It's been on of the most enjoyable releases of 2007 and I feel bad for not mentioning it more often. However, I'm gonna make up for that right now. When the Philly based psych-popsters dropped We All Belong in February they packaged it with a special limited edition 7 inch exclusively at select independent record stores nationwide. Luckily Burlington's Pure Pop is straight legit and hooked me up with a copy. A good friend transfered these fuzzy 8-track gems for all to hear. Enjoy the A & B sides. Real gems.

Dr. Dog- Goner
Dr. Dog- I Hope There's Love

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