Saturday, August 18, 2007

Under the Blacklight

"Ohh It Feels Good to be Free"

So Under the Blacklight finally leaked and it's certianly not a rehashed More Adventurous. It's obvious the kids who used to play acoustic guitars and circuit bent Casio's are all growns up and Under the Blacklight proves maturity ain't so bad. I've already heard the word 'grower' thrown around when describing Rilo's Warner Bros. debut and I agree wholeheartedly. Your going to have to spend some time with this one, but in the end, I think it will pay off. BIG guitars and heavy-weight production (Mike Elizando of Dre, Em, and Fity fame) takes over where Mike Mogis's Omaha Wall of Lo-Fi Sound left off. Gone are the cutesy lullabies, replaced with break up anthems and sexed up songs about, well, sex. Yep, Jenny and Co. still kick ass. The opening track, "Silver Lining,' opens with a genuine George Harrison/Wilbury's riff, reminiscent of the Dark Horse's classic "My Sweet Lord," while "Breakin' Up" plays with squiggling synths and rock steady rhythms to create one hell of a shiny, happy break up songs I've ever heard. They even tackle Latin rhythms and Spanish Disco. More Adventurous for sure. Cheers to breakin' up and growing up. Ohh, It, Feels Good to be Free!

Rilo Kiley- Silver Lining
Rilo Kiley- Breakin' Up

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