Tuesday, August 7, 2007

pre-vue: Lil Jon

"You Can Do It All By Yo'Self"

Billboard is reporting that Lil Jon is crafting a rap/rock hybrid sound for his new album Crunk Rock, set to drop on October 30.

Says Jon: "I worked with the guitar player from P.O.D....Kid Rock, and a few others. My sh*t is real rock guitars with my beats, not keyboard guitars with ghetto beats." After fellow ATLiens Shop Boyz reached #2 on the charts with their own rap/rock banger, "Party Like a Rockstar", it seems like Lil Jon might be on to something big.

LJ promises that Crunk Rock will be some "next level sh*t." Check out the seizure-inducing video for the album's first single (which was released in May 2006) below.

Lil Jon (feat. E-40 and Sean Paul of Youngbloodz) - Snap Yo Fingers

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Anonymous said...

hahahah this brings back some good memories