Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Daytrotter: Mountain Goats

"Good Things Never Last, Bad Things Never Die"

Admittedly I dont know much about the Mountain Goats. Fortunately for me, Daytrotter's got my back. A few weeks ago the kind folks at Daytrotter posted a few tracks from a session they did with Mountain Goat John Darnielle. It got me through a very dull day. Ethiopians is the sad funny song that only works 1 out of every 1000th time. This one works. Really well. Besides, any song that begins "Window Mounted Air Conditioning Unit" has got my heart. Babylon Burnin' is another gem. About the Marley cover, Darnielle said "White dudes with acoustic guitars are probably better off not attempting to cover reggae songs, and if further evidence of that were needed, well, here you are." Don't be sad, dance to lovers reggae.

Mountain Goats- Ethiopians

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