Sunday, August 26, 2007

Doing Time with the Decemberists

"A well-dressed man in the crosshairs"

Not unlike Hot Chip's "In the Morning" remix, the Junior Boys, along with Diplo and A Touch of Class, have remixed "hyper-literate prog-rockers" Decemberists's newest single, "A Perfect Crime #2", into an EP of dance tracks scarcely similar to the original. The Perfect Crime #2 EP, out September 25th, includes three remixes and what seems like an alternate version (titled "Perfecet Crime #2.5.1"). The Diplo and Junior Boys remixes are fresh indeed; no need to list The Decemberists as the artist in iTunes. While still enjoyable and danceworthy, neither track's quite as compelling as the original.

Decemberists fans: be sure to check out upcoming dates for the fall, which includes a tour across Europe and plenty of big-city dates here in the US.

The Decemberists - A Perfect Crime #2 [from The Crane Wife]
The Decemberists - A Perfect Crime #2 (Junior Boys remix)

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Anonymous said...

The Touch of class remix is pretty sweet.