Thursday, August 23, 2007

Animal Collective: Strawberry Jam

"A Thousand Weeks in Brooklyn/ So Depressed"

Animal Collective. Two very simple words, yet utterly impossible to define without incorporating 'psychadelic.' Luckily, 'psychadelic' is sweet. It's been a pretty big year for the Collective, with Panda Bear's Person Pitch blowing minds around the world, and soon the Collective's Strawberry Jam will do the same, spreading hallucinogenic sounds around the globe with jamz like "Chores" and "Fireworks." I've been listening to Strawberry Jam consistently for over a month now and can't get the melodic tribal screams of "For Reverand Green" out of my head. I was a fan of Sung Tongs, Feels and the Prospect Hummer with Vashti Bunyan, but the new jam (along with the Peoples EP and Person Pitch) has made me a disciple. I can honestly say that you will never hear anything like Strawberry Jam. Even if you're a huge Animal Collective fan (which you should be, but we'll understand if you're not), Strawberry Jam will sound like a breath of f**ked up fresh air from a band that has consistently reinvented themselves, experimenting with a plethora of outerwordly sounds and schisms. It's the stuff dreams are made of (Acid dreams...on peyote). It's not for everyone, but if you clear your mind, let your consciousness expand and allow the music to seed in your brain, I guarantee you will become an obsessive fan of the collective. There is nothing as mindblowing as what these guys are doing and even if you don't like it, you at least gotta give them credit for being original. With that said, if you don't like it, fuck off. Check out some Strawberry Jam below and the insane video for "Fireworks."

Animal Collective-For Reverand Green

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