Tuesday, July 10, 2007

nu musick: St Vincent

"Paris is Burning After All"

I have been anxiously awaiting the full length debut from Dallas' St. Vincent (government name Annie Clark) since Gorilla vs Bear posted her phenomenal cover of "These Days" last fall. Marry Me dropped today and is a platform for St. Vincent's talent as a multi-instrumentalist. Stirring compositions like "All the Stars Aligned", "Paris is Burning" and "Jesus Saves, I Spend" showcase her outerworldly fret work, soaring string arrangements, cryptic yet contemplative lyrics and her sweet soaring vocals. She's only 23 and has already been a member of the Polyphonic Spree, Sufjan Stevens touring band as well as opened for the Arcade Fire's.

If the dreamy piano flourishes, haunting harmonies and delicate poetics of "All the Stars Aligned" don't give you the middle school butterflies, then the melancholic cabaret act of "Paris is Burning" will convert you. The Gorilla vs Bear crew know Annie's onto big things. I agree. Big, big things. Her website is www.ilovestvincent.com. It's an appropriate domain name.

St. Vincent- All the Stars Alligned
St. Vincent- Paris is Burning

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