Saturday, July 7, 2007

classick albums: Lemonjelly.KY

"What do you do in the bath?"

Fred Deakin and Nick Franglen comprise the UK group Lemon Jelly, creators of whimsically psychedelic downtempo electronica. Their music is known for its irreverent samples, chilled out beats, and hummable melodies.

Released in October 2000, Lemonjelly.KY featured no new material; instead it gathered all of the tracks from the three extremely limited edition 10" vinyl EP's the group had previously released (The Bath [1998], The Yellow [1999], The Midnight [2000]). The album was a critical and commercial success, introducing the group's sound to a much wider audience. The success eventually led to a major label deal and the creation of two additional albums.

Fred Deakin's work as Creative Director at Airside design helped to create the instantly recognizable Lemon Jelly aesthetic -- bright colors, cartoon graphics, and the Lemon Jelly typeface all represent the group's style, which can be found on the packaging of any of the group's releases, and at their website. Even better, the music itself seems to evoke the same characteristics as the visual elements. Check out some tracks below, both of which originally appeared on 1998's The Bath.

Lemon Jelly - In The Bath
Lemon Jelly - A Tune For Jack

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