Friday, July 13, 2007



Artist Bill Shannon may be the most impressive homosapien since the Spud Webb/ Mugsy Bogues era. While he may not be 5'3, nor able to dunk hard, Shannon, born with a congenial hip defect, sashays through NYC on cruches while breakdancing, skateboarding, freestyle walking and freeze framing in mid-air. Talk about visually enticing. I know we've said "best video ever" before, but this one is a serious contender for the crown. I like to watch as a silent film, even though technically it's a video for an RJD2 song.

Shannons artist statement on his website, Virtual Provocateur, reads like this:
Recently through dance choreography I have juxtaposed abstract forms of urban streetstyle kinetics into a textural landscape with an express focus on time and how it can be used to reinvent the familiar. My role as director and choreographer is in the setting of the pace and creation of mood. The dance I live and perform reflects the same landscape I attempt to define myself as an artist.

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