Thursday, July 5, 2007

Coming soon: Bishop Allen

"And when I break another string, and continue to sing, is that courage, I'm not sure"

In 2006, Brooklyn indie-poppers Bishop Allen released a 4 song EP every month, aptly naming them after each month. With the exception of August's live EP, they released 11 months of new material (44 songs). Bishop Allen's new release, The Broken String, their first full length album since 2003's aclaimed debut, Charm School, hits record shops on July 24th. If you're wondering how a band who released 44 new songs last year could possibly still have material left, the answer is they don't. Three quarters of the songs on The Broken String appeared on EP's last year. The album has 3 new tracks including the single Rain, available for free download on their website. For die-hard fans, only two songs on The Broken String (Middle Management, Choose Again) will be unfamiliar.

With all that aside, The Broken String is fantastic. As promised, the 9 tracks from the EP's are all re-recorded and sound better (most of the time) than the originals. For those who loved Charm School, The Broken String delivers more mature, complex pop songs than their debut. The first three tracks contain a driving epicness of feel-good twee they only hinted at on Charm School. The percussion is more elaborate and the tracks have genrally gotten longer. Four years after their dazzlng debut, Bishop Allen has matured and, believe it or not, improved. Check them out later this month on their US tour.

Bishop Allen - Rain
Bishop Allen - Like Castanets

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