Friday, December 18, 2009

mix: Run DMT "Get Ripped or Die Trying"


Run DMT's sublime frequencies, zonk'd found sounds and celestial drones are becoming quite the staple over here. While much of his previous work, especially Bong Voyage, summons cable TV ghosts of yore, his latest, sent over late last night, dwells in half-conscious zones, a sort of pre-, post- amble into the R.E.M. state. The first half of Get Ripped or Die Trying is the sort of cosmic lullaby crafted to hypnotize future cult members into a weary dream state. Once entranced, Run DMT let's loose, rewinding the tape and tapping into the tribal dreamcatcher world, and, all of the sudden, things aren't quite the same. Yes, your still sleeping, but you've gotten out of bed, sleepwalking, in search of the paranormal beings who dwell in realms and spats of disguised consciousness. One second your in Africa in the midst of a holy celebration, the next, a murky bayou searching for the ghost orchid, or, maybe your volcano luging somewhere in Hawaii. It's a twenty minute trek through the subconscious, to places one can only travel to while drifting through their own mind.


Anonymous said...

he's just so dreamy

Anonymous said...

meh. downloaded. deleted.

Daniel said...

What a perfect mix. Reminds me of like a drone/hypnagogic-whatever version of Madlib's Beat Kondukta series.

Anonymous said...

I listen to this mix while watching late night infomercials with the sound off

Anonymous said...

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