Friday, December 4, 2009

live: Pure Ecstasy

"Pressure Drop, Yeah Pressure Baby"

Been jamming hard on Pure Ecstasy for a few months now and couldn't be happier to report that Nate Grace's psychedelic machine will be headed north to play a weekend's worth of shows in Brooklyn January 29th & 30th. The first is a straight up stunna shades show at Bruar Falls with B-More typnotist Run-DMT and an assortment of special guests (stay tuned). The next night Pure Ecstasy will play a small loft show (details to come) with Twin Sister, who've been churning out some of the most zen arcade scores I've heard in a while. Pure Ecstasy's maiden voyage to the Big Apple comes a few weeks after the bands first west coast tour, so expect them to be in tip top, or shall I say, super loose shape.

As many of you know, Pure Ecstasy's released a few things this year; a self-released super limited 7-inch (50 copies, art above), the self-released SEVN DAZE tape and the Future Nostalgia tape on Leftist Nautical Antiques. Still reeling in it, the band has three upcoming releases, including a new 7-inch on Light Loge, a tape on Bum Tapes, and another 7-inch on Acephale. Probably the most productive stoner band I've ever encountered, and that's saying a lot. In addition, a couple weeks ago Pure Ecstasy "phoned in" a live performance for, um, Phoning It In, in which they play a large portion of their recorded output over a phone. Inherently lo-fi, the session actually sounds pretty damn good and makes me extremely excited to be presenting their Brooklyn debut next month. Stick around for more info in the coming week.

Pure Ecstasy- Phoning It In Session (Live)

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