Monday, December 21, 2009

mix: Happy Family/Run DMT Amanda Huggankiss

Bogged down by a debilitating head cold, radioactive loogies jumping from out my throat, my head space is more than a bit congested. Sort of like when your flying and the pressure makes your ears pop, and then hep-C yellow goo starts flowing from your nasal cavity. It's nasty. Last night, hunkering down with There Will Be Blood, b-more buds and sound collagists Happy Family and Run DMT sent over a new mix they've been collaborating on. Less stoner QVC samples, more guitar droners eventually leading to chopped and screwed pulses and rhythmic spurts of fluttering songs played a million miles away. Going really well with a diet of bee pollen, tea, vitamin-C and the good herb. Sort of like Big Troubles "Sick Days", this one's got NyQuil in its veins.


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Will from Happy Family just got a label up and running today, this mix is among some of their first releases: