Saturday, August 22, 2009

video: Family Portrait "Super Cool"

"Super Cool"

The last video from our Backyard Show series features the unofficial Underwater People's house band Family Portrait spacing through "Super Cool," a tune named for the drug the kids can't get enough of in season 2 of the Upright Citizens Brigade. True to form, the only real way to get the feeling of "Super Cool" across was to double expose the backyard performance with footage Axel shot years ago in Southeast Asia. If you weren't already planning on heading to the Underwater People's Showcase today/tonight at the Market Hotel, and this video doesn't convince you, well, sorry, I've done my best to try to get you there. You'll find me spacing out in the corner starring at my shoes and tugging at my hair. It's gonna be freaky good, in an R. Kelly way.


Jheri Evans said...

Awesome stuff. You did a really good job shooting/recording this. Hopefully next summer you'll restart the series?

Will said...

I feel like someone dosed my Ramen

Anonymous said...

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