Tuesday, August 25, 2009

mp3: Mountain Man "Animal Tracks"

"And The Sweat Will Roll Down Our Backs"

I could go on and on about how this reminds me of a Green Mountain Joanna Newsome, how Alex Bleeker & the Freaks version of the tune is a raucous force to be reckon with, or how it makes me so introspective I think I need a therapist. Instead I'm just going to post the lyrics. The group is Mountain Man. The song "Animal Tracks." According to the band's site, the song was written by Alexie "in her room at night in the spring time in pink light listening to the peepers in her favorite red skirt."
We'll drink horse bark root beer
and sit on your back stairs
and I'll whisper in your hair
in the summer air
in the summer air

And the sweat will roll down our backs
and we'll follow animal tracks
to a tree in the woods
and a hole in the leaves we'll see
the bright baby eyes of a chickadee
A host of tunes available for free download and purchase, including high quality audio files for all you sound heads, on the band's website.

Mountain Man- Animal Tracks


Devin said...

I think we're on a pretty similar wavelength here! Seriously love what you're doing here. Just added you to the blogroll... somehow I hadn't before?

Elise O said...

Brrro your AB + the F link dun't work.

McG said...

damn, looks like they got rid of the dinosaurbbq mysapce. r.i.p. link fixed. thx

Selome said...

love this, love Mountain Man, I'm glad they're getting the attention they deserve.

Elise O said...

Sweet yeah ahhhctuallly DinoBQ will be revived a lil bit at Glasslands on the 13th. Bleek and Tavo Carbone and Michael Chinworth and Martin Courtney on upright, I hear... Sposedly.

butter team said...

pretty chill

Anonymous said...

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