Thursday, August 13, 2009

video: Forest Fire "Slow Motion"

"By The Freeway"

The watchful eye of a Grandmother looking out on the kids filling her wood paneled basement could conjure a daunting, almost scornful, sentiment. Rather, in the case of Union Hall, it's homey. Albeit, a creepy sort of home, half dilapidated and populated by rusty steel sewing machines, withering bits of ancient love letters and the dust of cobwebs past and present. It's no surprise that Forest Fire, whose debut album was recently re-released by Infinite Best, look right at home in the taxidermy laden room. "Slow Motion," which kicked off the evening, felt even more appropriate in the basement of the Brooklyn bar, where the passing of time is comparable to the pace of a morphine drip, or worse, the amount of time it takes your landlord to fix your leaky ceiling. Either way, its a moment worthy of re-living, if at least in your mind, once or twice before you pass, if only so you can say "ah yes, that was a nice night."


Anonymous said...

sick. nice cameo

Anonymous said...

Its a moment worthy of re-living...

Naton wide cash is easy and fast

Anonymous said...

This video makes me wish I was there even more!