Thursday, August 27, 2009

mp3: Pure Ecstasy Future Nostalgia

"Your In It Now"

I've heard about 12 minutes of Pure Ecstasy's synthetic space rock and its all the serotonin drip you'll need to ease the transition from summer to fall. A busy man, Nate Grace, who operates under the guise of Pure Ecstasy, is currently selling two tapes and a 33 rpm 7" of grooves, which you probably already read about on Friendship Bracelet. Blissful and drifting in a Spacemen 3 coming down from a major trip without any dark periods , the three songs on Future Nostalgia act as a primer to a hypnotic voyage to ones happy place. Maybe its a desert island, or the mountains of the moon, or perhaps Buffalo, NY, wherever you want to go, Pure Ecstasy's self-released vinyl offering will take you there. As Ian noted, there are only 50 of these bad boys, each spray painted with a different cover. I ordered one today so apparently there are still some left, though not sure how many. But don't worry, if you get shut out, Pure Ecstasy will be releasing a follow up 45 next month on the brand spanking new Austin label Light Lodge, which is apparently about to start releasing some killer shit. Keep your eyes and ears to the grindstone. Then plug the lava lamp in for good company.

Pure Ecstasy- Your In it Now

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great blog, in the dingy brick
stations of Baltimore and on the Ohio Railroads I hope more than one person pauses to read it...