Thursday, February 12, 2009

reissue: Swervedriver Raise

"Hallucinogen headlamps / my sane scape's disrupted in a pickup truck"

In the wake of their reunion and the publicity of last year's Coachella, underrated 90's British shoegazers Swervedriver just re-released their first 3 albums (Raise, Mezcal Head, Ejector Seat Reservation) in the UK and now their first 2 here in the US. All three albums get a modest treatment, only adding a handful of tracks (a few of which are previously un-released), however, none of this excitement pours onto a second disc. That being said, the US reissues have been remastered and their kick-ass debut, Raise, is as energetic as ever. The addition of fan favorite "Kill the Superheroes" is a pleasant but ultimately safe surprise. The only new track on Raise is "Andalucia", a b-side from 1991 that's been circulating around the world wide web for years. In the end these reissues might not attract hardcore fans but instead act as a replacement to their predecessors for new fans discovering Swervedriver 18 years later.

On a side note, it seems everyone loves the southern Spanish province, Andalucia:

Swervedriver - Andalucia [from 2009 reissue of Raise]
Pixies - Debaser (Live)
The Clash- Spanish Bombs (in Andalucia)

CAVEAT: The following clip from Luis Bunuel's masterpiece, Un Chien Andalou is not for the squeemish


Unknown said...

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Chaakles said...

thanks Stephen! I'll add a link to the post