Monday, January 10, 2011

new: Sun Araw "Thrasher" (Neil Young cover)

The Woods

Director Matthew Lessner's The Woods (which was successfully funded on Kickstarter, and will premier at Sundance this year) is the story of a group of young revelers seeking to disconnect from modern society and sojourn in a new sylvan homestead. At the heart of the film are bourgeois values and technology, how they interplay and what happens when young people try to subvert them. Fitting then that Los Angeleno and dark dub warrior Sun Araw contributes this cyborg-morphic cover of Neil Young's "Thrasher." (Originally, Sun Araw was supposed to score the entire film, though in the end the soundtrack features tunes by Dirty Projectors, Lucky Dragons and more.) Dense grooves from the west coast. Indulge below.

Sun Araw- Thrasher (Neil Young cover)


dfbm said...

Desolation Wilderness is similar ?! :) at leat, it's kickstarted too.

Anonymous said...

So cool! Sun Araw is great!!!