Thursday, December 17, 2009

mp3: Rambutan Broken Infinity

"Returning to the Entrance"

Mining Rose Quartz excellent tape list yesterday, I was reminded of the superior output this year from Stunned Records, Portland's finest purveyors of limited release ambient psychedelia. It would literally be impossible for me to give you a thorough run down of the Stunned catalog (they released 48 albums this year alone, and most of them sell out instantly), save to say that everything is really heavvvy, in a cosmic way. One of my favorite's is Rambutan's Broken Infinity, a five track droner record chronicling the psychic metamorphosis one undertakes in the dream state. Stunned notes, "It’s relieving to find compositions willing to breathe like this, balancing dark and dominant outer forces with the levity of an inner infinite impulse, broken as it may temporarily be." Double truth, Ruth. Any doubts, Foxy Digitalis gave it 10/10, so, yeah, Google that shit asap.

Rambutan- Cloudy Vision

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