Friday, January 18, 2008

we miss: The Boy Least Likely To

"Trying to Retrace Our Footsteps in the Snow"
It's been such a long time since we've heard anything about The Boy Least Likely To that I was worried we'd forget about them. Lucky for me when I was looking for a CD to take a shower to this morning the bright yellow spine of The Best Party Ever jumped out at me. Technically, TBLLT hasn't released a record since 2005 but we can cut them some slack for the rash of killer b-side singles and the precious cover of George Michael (and Limp Bizkit's) "Faith." We don't really have any Boy Least Likely To news or info to offer, but they did just have a great post on their blog which quotes from an article that Laura Barton in The Guardian regarding the difference between listening to music in the car and listening on a bus or train.
"sitting behind the wheel you are filled with the exhilarating sense of possibility, the feeling that you could go anywhere", whereas on bus journeys "your destination is always limited by the bus route, and your music is, by and large, confined to your headphones rather than billowing out of a car speaker system." and so, she writes, "the best music for bus journeys always seems characteristically introspective, the kind of music made for dreamers and loners.
Here is a list of songs that X from The Boy Least Likely To enjoys listening to on the Bus:

Saint Etienne- Hobart Paving
Kenickie- Lights Out in a Provincial Town
Isobel Campbell & Eugene Kelly- Time is Just the Same
Glen Campbell- Gentle on My Mind
Bright Eyes- First Day of My Life
Lambchop- The New Cobweb Summer
The Tindersticks- Tiny Tears
The Field Mice – Willow
The Smiths – Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want
Felt- There's No Such Thing as Victory

Below is a ridiculous video of TBLLT performing on a British morning show, complete with lip synching, a backing track and dancing furry animals (which totally makes up for the lip synching and shitty backing track). And to hold you over until whenever TBLLT drops some new shit, here's some old B-sides.

The Boy Least Likely To- Faith (George Michael cover)
The Boy Least Likely To- Rock Upon A Porch With You

"I won't ever be happy unless I'm unhappy and hugging my grudge"

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