Tuesday, January 15, 2008

next: dubstep

The new sound of UK urban music

It is difficult to describe the dubstep sound, but a few words immediately come to mind: heavy, dark, bass-driven. Visually, dubstep evokes images of a dimly lit, grimy underground club with cavernous sub-woofers, or a late-night walk on deserted city streets with headphones on and hoodie pulled up.

Because of the genre's newness, it is difficult to say exactly what makes something "dubstep" as opposed to some other genre. But at the very least, dubstep is a heavily modified version of UK Garage (aka 2-step) infused with dub-reggae elements. Sparse yet intricate rhythms and deep sub-bass lines are two major aesthetics of the genre.

Burial is ironically the poster-child of the genre (nobody knows his true identity), but Skream and Rusko are two rising producers that are expanding the palette and reach of the genre. Stream two tracks and watch a short documentary below. [Quality headphones most definitely recommended.]

Skream- "Midnight Request Line"

Rusko- "Cockney Thug" from Fabriclive.37

Dubstep doc, from the BBC

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