Sunday, January 6, 2008

sunday brunch: John and Peter's

Authentic, original music; No Cover Bands allowed
John and Peter's looks more like a converted basement/pizza parlor than a concert venue, yet it has been an integral part of the local music scene for the past 32 years. Located immediately over the border in New Hope, PA, John and Peter's is best known for serving as the home-base and launching pad of the original indie-band, Ween.

And Dean Ween certainly looked at home last night while sitting in with local legend Chris Harford and his Band of Changes, which also featured Bobka-friend Scott Metzger on guitar and the incredible Joe Russo on the drums, among others. The vibe was mellow and the standing-room-only crowd of roughly 50 people was attentive as Harford led his band through an array of songs and musical styles; sometimes light and introspective, other times powerful and rocking, but always sincere and captivating.

What I love most about John and Peter's is the automatic sense of intimacy one gets as soon as they walk in the door. It is impossible to be more than 10 feet away from the stage, and the low ceilings effectively capture every sound that is produced (including cell phone ringtones). Just be sure your phone is on 'vibrate'.

John and Peter's official site
Chris Harford MySpace

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