Wednesday, June 11, 2008

new: Dirt Dress

"So Many Girls Look The Same"

I don't know much about Dirt Dress except the following: they rock. They probably know it too, as their slo-mo blend of blues and garage rock is a self-conscious reinvention of what all the psych-garage revivalists have been trying to sound like for years, except instead of getting all snide and hipster'd out, Dirt Dress just sound like a band playing shitty blues in a garage. Their singer could be the millenial love child of Eric Burden and Eddie Argos. Loose, jangly and untouched by work nor duty, Dirt Dress seems to exist solely to kick out the jams (and yes, they sort of remind me of the MC5). They aren't afraid of tackling a meandering fuzz jam ("Peter and The Wolf" clocks in at 11: 40) or talking about bleach blonde girls in cut off jeans ("Iguana"), both of which conjure visions of ramshackle teenage rock and roll, like if Buddy Holly were hanging with Lou Reed while he was waiting for his man. Highly recommend heading over to CokeMachineGlow and downloading the band's EP for FREE! Just do it.

Dirt Dress- Iguana

Dirt Dress- Peter and the Wolf

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Anonymous said...

yeah, i agree...they're awesome.