Wednesday, June 11, 2008

mix: Maurice Fulton - Futureboogie

"Straight From The Heart"
Maurice Fulton has been producing super-funky, futuristic retro disco from outer space since the mid 90s, and this mix he put together for the Futureboogie booking agency is one of the best we've heard in the genre, right up there with Morgan Geist's Unclassics and Murphy and Mahoney's masterpiece, Fabriclive.36. So if you are into of either of those two albums, then do yourself a favor and give Maurice a spin. Above all else, this mix is a lesson in pacing; it has a laid back yet energetic vibe throughout, and subtly uses tension and release to give it that extra boost. Of course, it also features some incredible, obscure disco cuts, but that kind of goes without saying. Download below.

Maurice Fulton - Futureboogie Mix

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